L'annuaire du Technopôle

Kepco E&C

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Bâtiment Poincaré Domaine du Petit Arbois Avenue Louis Philibert 13100 Aix-en-Provence

Tel: 04 42 50 09 34


Directeur: YI Sungmyeon

ITER is an acronym made from the first letters of International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, which refers to the international nuclear fusion experimental reactor. Under the very high temperature plasma state with over 100 million°C like the center of the sun, we artificially create nuclear fusion reaction so that light hydrogen nucleus would change to heavy helium nucleus, and obtain tremendous amount of energy generated during the change. Currently, it is being constructed as international joint project at the Cadarache in southern France. ITER Project is the biggest scale international joint project in the history of mankind, and the project cost is expected to reach 79.1 million Euros. Total of 7 countries including Korea, U.S.A., Russia, the European Union, Japan, China, and India are participating in it.

KEPCO E&C, since the ITER project officially took off in 2007, has been actively leading the project, and in 2014, established the ITER International Organization (IO) Liaison Office in Aix-en-Provence to boost local support.

KEPCO E&C is the most essential technological partner of ITER International Organization since 2007, by performing tasks such as being selected for the engineering project worth around KRW 200 billion including Construction Management Agent services.